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  • 2008-07-09

    Follow the reference to an excellent video of a discussion about the state of the panda and it's future.

  • 2008-07-09

    Happy birthday to Tai Shan of the national zoo.

    The references talk more about Tai Shan and his keepers and volunteers. It also talks about his mother Mei Xiang and the possibility of her being pregnant.

  • 2008-07-08

    Plans drawn up by The Wolong reserve, Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to rebuild the Panda Breeding Centre will cost an estimated 2Bln yuan (290 million U.S. dollars / 145 million UK Pounds).

  • 2008-07-07

    A team from Edinburgh zoo is setting off this month to visit Wolong Panda Breeding Center to see for themselves the destruction caused by the earth quake on May 12th. They will also be asking officials how the current situation will effect them obtaining a pair of breeding pandas in spring 2009.

  • 2008-07-06

    Guo Guo, a female panda moved from the Wolong Panda Breeding Centre has given birth to twins in Bifengxia, Sichuan, China. They are the first to be born this year. This is a very special occasion as the pregnancy happened around the time of the May 12th quake. Caretakers have removed one of the twins and weighed it at 150g (6oz).

  • 2008-07-04

    Suzanne Braden, one of the directors of Pandas International continues her story about her trip to the Wolong Panda Breeding Centre. Very Moving

  • 2008-07-01

    The Hong Kong post office today released a set of stamps to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of a pair of pandas.

    All proceeds from the sale of the limited edition stamps will go to the Ocean Park fund to help with the restoration of the Wolong Breeding Centre which was all but destroyed in May 12th Earthquake

  • 2008-06-28

    A report by one of the Pandas International Directors about her visit to the Wolong Breading Centre after the quake. Please use the Reference link.

  • 2008-06-28

    Just got back from watching the latest release form Dreamworks, why I am writing about a film here on a panda blog?

    It was about a panda "Po" a rather large clumsy creature (Reminds me of someone! :) ) The son of noodle restaurateur who 'accidentally' gets chosen to become the celebrated Kung Fu expert 'The Dragon Warrior". The problem is he's never been taught Kung Fu in his life and the Master 'Shifu' is not exactly pleased that none of his disciples has been chosen and now he must teach Po.

  • 2008-06-27

    Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), have given a donation of $165,000 to the China Wildlife Conservation Association to support post-earthquake panda conservation.

  • 2008-06-27

    Hong Kong post office is due to release a set of new limited edition stamps on July 1st featuring images and paw prints of Pandas form Ocean Park. The money raised will go towards the cost of rebuilding the Panda Breeding Centre that was devastated in the quake on May 12th 2008.

    All the allocation for pre-sales have been reserved, with 500 packs to be released on July 1st at the Ocean Park Hong Kong.

    The pandas of Ocean park were sent the pandas as part of the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong being returned to China.

  • 2008-06-27

    The first lifetime adoption of a Panda took place on the 26th July 2008 in Chongqing City.
    Huang Yan, said this ceremony marked the beginning of the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve post-disaster reconstruction project.