Panda News from around the world
  • 2008-10-24

    On October 21, 2008, Mr. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Ms. Ann Daly, the CEO and the COO of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., International Publishing Director Mr. David Porter and other top management personnel, as well as the film crew for “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu Panda 2” visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the first stop of their trip to Chengdu.

  • 2008-10-24

    This little fellow was amazing he was performing all sorts of acrobatic actions on the ladder with usually ended with him falling off but he would just get back up and try again.

  • 2008-10-23

    Whilst reading the story about "Panda experts check enclosure" I came across a quote from Adelaide Zoo's director of conservation Kevin Evans.

    "We have the director of zoology at London Zoo who (sic) are in the process of sourcing giant pandas at the moment"

    Now to me this reads that London Zoo is in talks with China to bring over pandas, so to be sure I emailed the media office at London Zoo, they have replied.

  • 2008-10-23

    I have finally put the panda picture I took on my trip to Bifengxia on the web. I've decided to select a photo now and then and show it here.

    Have a favourite photo, or would you like to see more photos from my trip?

    Let me Know.

  • 2008-10-23

    Leshan and Zhenda, two male pandas, both 2.5 years old, were moved from the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base, Sichuan Province, to Anji Bamboo Museum Garden, an 81-hectare area with 389 bamboo species.

    Professional feeders and vets have come from Hangzhou, Zhejiang provincial capital, and Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu to take special care of the new arrivals. The feeders said the pair were in good shape now and each ate more than 80 kg of bamboo daily.

  • 2008-10-22

    One-month-old twin panda cubs are held by zoo keepers during their first appearance before the public at Adventure World in Shirahama in central Japan over the weekend. The cubs -- one female and one male -- were born Sept. 13. It's unclear why the female, on the left, appears to be having a bad hair day.

  • 2008-10-21

    Leading zoo officials have inspected the enclosure being built at Adelaide Zoo to house two giant pandas from China.

    The enclosure will house pandas Funi and Wang Wang, who are due to arrive from southern China late next year.

    More than 300 conservationists are in Adelaide for the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums summit on climate change and endangered species.

    Adelaide Zoo's director of conservation, Kevin Evans, says the guests have a wealth of knowledge about pandas.

  • 2008-10-20

    In the first week I was volunteering in Bifengxia one of the pandas was showing signs of being pregnant so they gave her an ultrasound and it was deemed that she was with cub and due the week later, so a few days later she was moved to the breeding station to be watched around the clock. No baby came I have been told that she now has been moved back out of the breeding centre.

  • 2008-10-20

    On October 15th, 2008, President of NCM Group Mr. Pan Minqi takes their partners in total of 15 people to visit CCRCGP Bifengxia Base. An employee of Panda Club accompanies with them and delivers a detailed introduction of Panda Garden to them. Mr. Pan Minqi likes the giant panda very much. He thinks it is the precious living fossil of human beings. It is not only the pride of the Chinese people, but also the whole world's common rare animal.

  • 2008-10-16

    Yuan Xiao, a giant panda at the Base, was successfully operated on after sustaining a broken right leg during an altercation with other pandas in its group. Its condition is still critical, the Base said, and now it is under a 24-hour surveillance and care.

  • 2008-10-16

    Yesterday morning, Arabian delegates to China visited the Base to see China’s national treasure, the giant panda, accompanied by associated personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the afternoon, they went to Sanxingdui Museum and Jinli Street.

  • 2008-10-16

    It's with great sadness that I report that Mei mei died on Wednesday 15th October at Adventure World in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

    WAKAYAMA (Kyodo) The giant panda Meimei, who gave birth to 10 cubs in China and Japan, has died, officials at Adventure World in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, said Wednesday.

    Loving mom: Giant panda Meimei, who died Wednesday, hugs one of her cubs, Rauhin, in December 2000 in Wakayama Prefecture. KYODO PHOTO