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Me and a PandaThis website is dedicated to those wonderful animals the Giant Panda.


How did this website start?

After years of wanting to go volunteer with pandas in China, I finally said stop wishing for it and just do it, so I did. I had sorted out time off with work, tracked down someone who could get me a volunteer place, and booked the flights.



Then disaster the worst earthquake to hit China took over 70,000 lives, including 5 members of the Wolong Reserve. The earthquake epicentre was just 30 kilometres from the Panda Base at Wolong: the base where I was due to stay. I was very scared for everyone there and the pandas. I was also scared that I might have to cancel my trip. During the next few weeks information was very scarce, I collected a number of web sites to gain information. I wished that there was one place I could go to get the latest panda news. "Stop wishing and go do it"

The Panda News website is born

So on June 22nd 2008 I started a news site on blogger, I advertised in a few places, and now have a loyal if small following. These people are like me, in that they just want to keep up to date with information about the Giant Panda.

If you are also one of these people then please join us on our quest for news and information about Giant Pandas