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New Breeding Centre to cost 2Bln yuan


Plans drawn up by The Wolong reserve, Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to rebuild the Panda Breeding Centre will cost an estimated 2Bln yuan (290 million U.S. dollars / 145 million UK Pounds).

The centre will feature a 650-square meter lab, a panda hospital, 1500 square meter cub pen, a bamboo planting field and somewhere for pandas to become accustom to wild life.

Zhang Hemin, head of the Wolong reserve has said that whilst this the best plan by far they currently have, it is still being discussed. They need members of other Government bodies to approve and help with the plan.

A new centre built in Dujiangyan, a city near the Sichuan provincial capital, Chengdu will contain pandas that have contracted infectious diseases. It is hoped that pandas from all over china could be sent there for better care and the protection of other pandas in their native reserves.