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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!


Just got back from watching the latest release form Dreamworks, why I am writing about a film here on a panda blog?

It was about a panda "Po" a rather large clumsy creature (Reminds me of someone! :) ) The son of noodle restaurateur who 'accidentally' gets chosen to become the celebrated Kung Fu expert 'The Dragon Warrior". The problem is he's never been taught Kung Fu in his life and the Master 'Shifu' is not exactly pleased that none of his disciples has been chosen and now he must teach Po.

This is an excellent film, I wanted to see it again straight afterwards. It is extremely funny, and you grimace a lot at the pain Po is put through in his training. The meaning behind the Dragon Scroll is profoundly deep for a children's animated film, Though the film is enjoyable without realizing the meaning.

I will be seeing this film again and the DVD will be on my Xmas list. (Hope it's out for then) . What did you think of the film?