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Ha Lan



Name Ha Lan
Stud Number 287
Chinese Name
Sex Male
Date of Birth 1984-Aug-
Date Died 2006-Dec-05
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Date Location Comment
1985-0-0 WENXIAN Capture
1985-0-0 Lanzhou Zoo Transfer
1990-11-0 Chongqing Zoo Loan to
1992-3-0 Lanzhou Zoo Transfer
1993-2-0 Chongqing Zoo Loan to
1993-4-0 Lanzhou Zoo Transfer
1995-1-0 Hengyang Zoological Garden Loan to
1995-4-0 Lanzhou Zoo Transfer
1996-4-0 Chengdu Zoological Garden Transfer
2004-7-0 SHENYANGW Loan to
2005-09-28 Chengdu Zoological Garden Transfer
2006-03-27 WUXI Loan to
0-0-0 Chengdu Zoological Garden Transfer
2006-12-05 Chengdu Zoological Garden Death


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