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Wolong reserve.


The forests around Wolong are home to approximately 150 wild pandas. The forests have been badly destroyed in the quake and resulting landslides, the Chinese Forestry Commission reports that as much as 80% of the forests have been flattened, which will cause problems for the wild pandas in obtaining enough food. It is thought that 2 / 3 of the wild pandas will die or have died. The mud slides have caused large areas of land to be unreachable by researchers and pandas.

It has been reported that the bodies of 15 wild pandas have been found in the effected area so far. The true cost to the wild pandas may never be known. The quake happened at a critical time of year for pandas in their mating season. Female pandas are only in season for two to three days a year. Lots of suitable dens for mothering pandas would of been destroyed in quake, leaving newly born pandas at risk from the weather and predators.