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Two More Cubs For Wolong Wild Training Centre


Xi Xi or Qian Qian Qian Qian Xi Xi 茜茜 476 1998-Aug-13 Female WOLONG WOLONG Yong Ba - #397 Pan Pan - #308 has given birth to twins at the wild training base in Sichuan, China.

Xi Xi was born in 1998, and is a 'hero' mother with these cubs bringing the total to 6.

The first cub was born at 6:55 in the morning and the second was born at 8:04. The staff removed a female cub, as Giant Panda mothers do not usually bring up 2 cubs in the wild and she would of likely of been left to die.

Xi Xi is also known as the run-away-bride as she has escaped 3 times to the wild. The first in June 2007 in heavy rain and was found 3 days later, then on May 19th 2008 in the aftershocks of the earthquake she fled and was later found in Chongqing Highway. She was then moved to Bifeng Xia base, when heavy rains again caused a tree to collapse on to the walls and she made her escape. Seeing as she keeps trying to escape it was thought that she would be a good candidate for the wild training programme.

Xi Xi is an excellent mother and quickly picked up the cub and began to lick and nurse the remaining cub.

Thanks to Chet for sending me the link to this story.

Once again this is wonderful news for Wolong and their Wild Panda Training programme.