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Pandas International October News Letter


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October News Letter
(14 Oct 2008)

Milk Scare in China

With the problem of tainted milk in China, we have heard there is concern about the milk formula paid for by Pandas International and provided to the panda cubs. The Esbilac formula is manufactured in the United States and shipped from the U.S to China. It is not manufactured in China.

PetAg, the manufacturer, has had their products tested by Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, an independent testing laboratory who certified the product is free of Melamine. They have released the following statement—

“PetAg, Inc. remains dedicated to providing the highest quality, nutritionally safe products for animals worldwide

. In light of yet another issue with imported ingredients, we want to again assure you that PetAg imports nothing from the PRC. Specifically, PetAg imports no milk ingredients from the PRC. Our Quality Assurance, GMP and HACCP records can track all ingredients back to their elemental source. Irrespective of our self imposed standards, PetAg currently tests every lot of product containing milk proteins for melamine. These tests have been negative. No melamine has ever been found in our products. We are extremely diligent in our quality assurance programs.”

Thank You from Panda Base

On July 6th, after being moved from the damaged Wolong Panda Reserve to the Bifengxia Panda Base, Guo Guo gave birth to twin girls. This was the first panda birth of 2008. In order to commemorate these special pandas and to thank the entire Panda community for their generous aid following the devastating earthquake, the Panda Center will hold a ceremony on October 24th, when the cubs will be 100 days old. Pandas International is pleased to send a short video for the event, but feels it is us who should be thanking the folks at Wolong/Bifengxia not them thanking us. So Sherry Lummis, Pandas International’s representative in China, produced bracelets and Certificates of Appreciation for all the staff, calling them “Heroes” for their efforts to save the pandas following the earthquake. (Pandas International will have the bracelets shortly)

Levy, who some of you know, emailed the following regarding the certificates—
“Postscript: That One Soul-Stirring Day" I may often take pen in hand, actually did not know how do start ...... Pandas International Suzanne Braden and Sherry Lummis has given me greatest encouragement and supports, they in letter always take mine work as bold, feels proud for me, and said kindly I am a hero. I thought that generally speaking my work, is not worthy of mentioning. But Suzanne and Sherry firmly believed that we are most outstanding in the earthquake the most affected common people the thing to let everybody know. I am humbled and grateful for all your concern."

Cub Count—Panda Cubs of 2008

Zhang Ka's Cub

As Wolong cubs mature, they get color

Wolong cubs getting measured

Wolong/ Bifengxia

Mother # of Cubs
Guo Guo twins
Ying Ying single
Long Xin twins
Bai Xue twins
Cao Cao twins
Fei Fei single
Zhang Ka single
Zhu Yun twins
Ye Ye single

Despite being forced to leave their home in Wolong just at the beginning of the breeding season and having to travel 14 hours over high mountain passes, 9 female pandas have given birth at their new home in Bifengxia to a total of 14 cubs.

This reserve has had 15 cubs born.


THis reserve has had 1 set of twins born.

A single cub, Lun Lun was born August 31st After some initial concerns about his health, he is now doing well.The zoo will hold a naming ceremony for the cub in December, about 100 days after his birth, which follows Chinese tradition. The cub is the zoo's second baby panda. Mei Lan was born in 2006 to the same mother, Lun Lun. Lun Lun and both cubs are from the Chengdu Panda Center.

The panda Rauhin, who has lived all her life at Adventure World in Shirahamacho, Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan, gave birth to a female and male cub after mating with Eime, a giant panda on loan from China.

The twins, who both measure about 20 cm in length, are reportedly in good health following the birth, with the female cub weighing 194 grams and the male 116 grams. The birth of the twins – exactly eight years after Rauhin was born in the same location - brings the total number of cubs born at the facility to ten in less than two years.

Adventure World Zoo in Wakayama said it will watch the mother's health and mental condition and decide when to openly introduce the babies to the public.
Unfortunately last month, Japan lost a giant panda baby three days after it was born at a zoo in Kobe. The baby had been born through artificial insemination.
Photos of cubs

Pandas going to Taiwan “soon,” perhaps November

Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan were selected to go to Taiwan about 3 years ago, but had not gone due to difficulties in finalizing the arrangements. They were both at Wolong when the earthquake hit and were missing for a short period, but were rescued. They are currently at Bifengxia waiting to travel to Taiwan.

They are scheduled to go to Taipei’s Mucha Zoo probably in November. “Tuan Yuan" means "reunion" in Chinese. Taipei's city government says it has invested about 250 million Taiwan dollars ($8 million US) to build a panda house.

One in Four Mammals at Risk of Extinction
This is the conclusion of a five year study that involved more than 1,700 scientists worldwide. Released by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, it is the first detailed look at the world’s mammals in more than a decade. In addition to one in four species threatened by extinction, the report said the population of one in two is declining. “Within our lifetime, hundreds of species could be lost as a result of our own actions, a frightening sign of what is happening to the ecosystems where they live,” said Julia Marton-Lefevre, ICUN Director General. The report is published in the October 10th issue of Science.

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Wolong Pandas at the Beijing Zoo

The China Daily reported that the pandas on display at the Beijing Zoo since June 5th for the Olympics have attracted 1 million visitors. The Beijing Zoo has four females, Cui Cui, Duo Duo, Mei Xin and Feng Yi; and four males: Tao Tao, Lang Lang, Huan Huan and Fuwa. All were born at the Wolong Center in 2006.