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Pandas International
have granted me permission to reproduce their wonderful newsletters
which currently are weekly due to happenings on May the 12th.
The following newsletter including photos is copyright Pandas
International, used with permissions.

Happy Halloween (23 Sep 2008)

Halloween is just around the corner
so plan to "trick or treat" for the Pandas!

Instead of “trick or treating” for candy,
make it a “sweeter” day by collecting
Pennies for Pandas!
Ask your parents for their help and permission

Plan either to go trick or treating in your neighborhood

Host a Halloween Trick or Treat party for the Pandas!

Order a special Trick or Treat Kit containing:

  • A Panda bank to collect money in!
  • A Panda Mask to color and wear when trick or treating!
  • A Pandas International
  • Pandas International Brochure!
  • A special identification form so people will know you are raising money for the Pandas through Pandas International!

After trick or treating or your party, either mail the money to

Pandas International
PO Box 620335
Littleton, CO 80162

or your parents can donate the money with a credit card on line


New tees are in the works so we need to clean out some on hand!

All Kids Tees on sale for $ 5.00 (not all sizes available)

Adult Tees