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Pandas Internation Given Ad Space on CBS' Times Square TV


Susan Braden, The director was just about to take her mother for an appointment, when the phone rang. She tried to ignore it but her mother picked it up and insisted that she took the call.
It was CBS and they made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

A group had purchased an 15 second spot on the CBS "Super Screen" in Times Square New York, CBS however rejected the spot because of it's content. They decided that they would offer it to a non-profit organisation, One that supported animals. A producer who was in the meeting remembered Panda International and Susan from the work she did in 2008 after the earthquake with NBC on reporting on the pandas. They offered Susan and Pandas International the spot for free (Usually $50,000) If she could find the money to have it produced. (~$13,000).

The ad will run from 6am until 12pm from August 20th till September 30 2011. If you're in the area please go have a look, I'll post times when I get them. It is hoped that the advert will be seen by millions of people and raise awareness of Pandas International.

If you can't get to Times Square, then the advert is below.