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Pandas in Japan


Pandas International have released an email explaining the situation of the pandas in Japan after the horrific earthquake and tsunami that hit recently. I have copied the email below.

Pandas International Supporters- Numerous supporters have asked about the well-being of the pandas in Japan. There are pandas at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, the Oji Zoo in Kobe and Adventure World in Shirahama. Dr. Tang emailed me that he had been in contact with the panda caretakers in Japan and all the pandas and the caretakers are safe. A member of Pandas Unlimited forum called Adventure World in Shirahama. The panda family there is safe. There are no injured animals. She also called Oji Zoo in Kobe. Tan Tan is safe. There are no injured animals. Ueno Zoo in Tokyo is opening as usual. There are no injured animals. Supporter Annette Yuen repots the quake was near Osaka, and her friend lives near Fujii mountain, she said her friend is safe. Annette called Huang Shan's wife for an update, Huang Shan is taking care of Bi Li and Xian Nu in Tokyo. She reported Huang and Bi Li, Xian Nu are all safe. Bi Li has been renamed Li Li (also spelled Ri Ri), and Xian Nu has been renamed Xin Xin (also spelled Shin Shin).
The China PeopleDaily story:
Suzanne Braden
Director Pandas International