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Panda Cub Update
(19th August 2008)

Ten cubs have been born to Wolong pandas! At their new home Bifengxia in Ya’an City, six mothers have given birth. As you may remember, the pregnant females were the first pandas to be evacuated after the earthquake at Wolong, and Incubators were one of the first items sent to Bifengxia by Pandas International.

New Wolong Babies

Guo Guo was rescued following the 5-12 earthquake and moved from Wolong to Bifengxia (photo at left). She had twin boys on July 6, 2008 (top).

Guo Guo was born September 14, 1996 to Mom Jia Jia, who is now at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Guo Guo's Dad is Xin Xing.

Guo Guo's twins. Incubator and formula donated by Pandas International (above).

That's right — baby panda poo!

July 13th Ying Ying had a single cub (above).

Ying Ying's cub (above).

July 21st Long Xin had twins (not shown).
July 26th Bai Xue had twins (above).

August 5th Cao Cao had twins (above).
Other births

On August 8, 2008, Fei Fei had a single cub who will hopefully be named the Olympic Baby.

In addition, Chengdu has had 6 cubs born and Xhaanxi had one set of twins.

Dr. Li with one of Guo Guo's twins in incubator provided by Pandas International (at right).

New Babies Need Lots of TLC
(and milk)!

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