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Pambassador Competition 2012


I have been fascinated by Giants Panda for more years than I can say. I have been running since 2008 bringing you the latest news about Giant Pandas from around the world. I have volunteered to look after pandas in China, Visited pandas around the world including Vienna, Berlin and the four cities in America with Pandas. I even had the honour of opening the Giant Panda exhibit at Edinburgh Zoo, as I was the first person to book tickets to visit them.

Now I have a new challange and I need to help to win "Pandaquest" which will give me the opponitunity to become a "Pambassador".

"PandaQuest" is a competition designed to find the next set of Pambassadors for the giant pandas of Chengdu, China. The Quest begins with an online submission. From the top 160 global applicants, our panel of judges will select 72 semi-finalists to receive an all expense-paid trip to our regional semi-finals. A total of 16 finalists will be selected from our pool of semi-finalists. All finalists will be flown to Chengdu, China, to compete in the "PandaQuest" finals.

The "PandaQuest" winners will be crowned as "Chengdu Pambassadors" by the Chengdu Panda Base. The Pambassadors will attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Panda Valley in Chengdu, design a project to promote the giant pandas as part of the Panda Rehabilitation Fund, and be provided the opportunity to work with WildAid, a wildlife protection organization.

What I need you to do for me. Go to sign in with your face book account. Click "View submissions" Type 'Andi Mclean' in the search field and "give me a hug"

You're allowed to do this every day. The more hugs I have the more chance I have of having my dream come true.

Please share with your friends, You know I will do the best for the pandas if I win. Andi