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One of the Beijing Cubs Dies


I've got a report from that the Giant Panda cub who was left with Ying Hua Ying Hua Yin Hua 瑛华 566 2003-Aug-17 Female Beijing Zoological Gardens WOLONG Ying Ying - #382 died 20 hours after being born. Reports say that the sister who was flown to Bifengxia is doing well.

UPDATE: It appears that Ying Hua Ying Hua Yin Hua 瑛华 566 2003-Aug-17 Female Beijing Zoological Gardens WOLONG Ying Ying - #382 was too tired to notice that the little one had fallen off her body and was left exposed. The panda cub had a large area of haemorrhage to her right shoulder which effected her lungs

The following is the google translation of the story.
My deepest sympathies to everyone concerned, the Beijing keepers and staff, and the keepers and staff who are still looking after her sister.

At 9:19:30 on July 2 , you are in Beijing Zoo birth, birth weight 109 grams . Whole body was red meat , white surface is only sparse body hair , the eyes have not opened , you do not know of where , but you know , in your side , there is a warm body can count on , that is your mother " Ying Hua Ying Hua Yin Hua 瑛华 566 2003-Aug-17 Female Beijing Zoological Gardens WOLONG Ying Ying - #382 . "

Like completely hid the " mother "body

You send cheep , then it was my mother mouth Diao up on the arm , when the mother tongue licked from you , you will calm down . Just 20 hours of your life , such a scenario happened many times.

As your mother can not take care of two children , your sister was sent away . At that time, everyone said you were a lucky little guy , can my mother grew up .

Mother caring for you , as long as you hear a creak called , it will immediately adjust the posture, find you, see what you need , then meet you . If you are on the ground, it will you are carrying up on the arm , and sometimes , it will put you under his arm , or jaw clamped with you .

Do you like yourself completely hidden in the mother's body , even if only exposed limbs or head, you will not feel safe , and wow .

Of course, feel hungry, you will ask , then , to find her mother as long as the nipples in his mouth , you will calm down .

Born just a dozen hours, you'll be happy , but your mother , very tired . Breeder from time to time to visit you and provide nutritious meals to your mother .

The last call had been hoarse

At 4:45 on the July 3 , you are left exposed once again , issued a cheep , when your mother is back against the rest, it sounds to hear from you immediately turn body , intends to Find you, did not think that because of this turn around , it 's head in the wall , and you , in its lower jaw , just to be squeezed .

In the surveillance video , you have been the last cry hoarse , and you never had the sound issue .

Less than 5 minutes , the breeder will come runnin , but then you have stopped breathing , no energy and then clung to her mother 's hair , you fall to the ground. Next , my mother was still lost in a fog to find you .

You hurry away, and leave your mother . These days , it is always very impatient , constantly scratching with claws , " the room " in the floor of the new exchange .