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Man Arrested For Attempting To Sell A Panda


This is a rather upsetting news story.

A Chinese native male who is currently living in Tokyo, Japan has been arrested for attempting to sell a mounted panda skin.

The man who is 40 years old and runs a restaurant in Ota-ku, Japan, claims that the panda is not his but belongs to a member of his family and he was storing it for them.

A Chinese couple claim that they were shown the panda by the man and was told that they could have the panda for 1 million yen to 10 million yen. Police offices in Tokyo have also found the panda for sale on the Internet.

Using DNA from the panda, the police are trying to track down where the panda was taken from.

I really hope they find the monsters behind this and they're given the harshest punishment the law provides.