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Good News, 3rd Giant Panda Baby of 2010


On July 8th 2010, Zhu Yun at Bifengxai, Experts think it's a boy, and weighed 159g and was 14.8cm long at birth.

Eight year old Zhu Yun has been a mother before to twins Hu Bao & Min Min born in 2008, the father is believed to be Fifteen year old Ling Ling. Ling Ling is also the father of Tuan Tuan one of the Giant Pandas sent to Taipei.

Zhu Yun is the first Giant Panda at Bifengxia to have a baby this year. It has been reported that Bifengxia can expect up to another 28 panda mothers this year, as 29 female Giant Pandas have been mated either by AI or naturally.