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First Giant Panda Babies Born at Beijing


Wonderful news, I'm getting reports that a pair of Giant Pandas have been born at Beijing Zoological Park, China.

At 10:30am on 2nd July 2010 Ying Hua, gave birth to twins. As is the normal way with Giant Pandas, Ying Hua rejected one of the pandas, which keepers quickly took away and flew to Bifengxia to take care of, as they have specialist knowledge and equipment in dealing with newly born panda cubs.

The father of the twins is thought to be Gu Gu Gu Gu 古古 496 1999-Sep-25 Male Beijing Zoological Gardens WOLONG Tang Tang - #446 Pan Pan - #308 . Both parents were born at Wolong. I can't find Ying Hua in my stud book, if anyone has any more details of who she is that will help track her down I would be very grateful. Please send any information to