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David Cameron adds Support to Edinburgh Zoo to get Giant Pandas


Edinburgh Zoo signed a letter of intent with China to obtain a pair of Giant Pandas over two years ago. There has been a couple of undisclosed problems with the agreement including a re-negotiation of clauses in the agreement after the death of a Giant Panda at a zoo in Japan earlier this year during a routine to extract semen from the panda.

Now Prime Minister David Cameron has been lobbying officials on his recent trip to China.

Some concern has been raised about the loan as it has been reported that the zoo is preparing to lay-off 50 of it's 200 full time staff. Officials have said that the lay off's are a short range vision to help the zoo cope with dwindling finances as less people visit. Whilst the Pandas are on a much longer vision of where officials wish to see the zoo go.

The zoo is still hopeful that an agreement can be arrived at soon, with the giant pandas arriving at the zoo late next year.

I do hope an agreement can be agreed upon, I'd love to see Giant Pandas in my neck of the woods. I've already told my other half if the pandas arrive, then we're moving :) Not sure he'll let me though. (Maybe more holidays)