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and then there was 7


Another 13 pandas have been moved to Bifengxia from the Wolong Panda Breeding Centre, Leaving only 7 one year olds at the Centre. The one year olds will remain at Wolong, where they will be looked after the keepers. They are the hope for the rebuilding of the Wolong Panda Breeding centre.

There used to be 63 pandas living at the Centre before the earthquake on may 12th. One panda is still missing, one died in her enclosure and all but 7 have been relocated to Bifengxia , Beijing (The Olympic pandas), Chengdu , the eastern province of Fujian and the southern province of Guangdong. The pandas will remain in their new homes until the Wolong Panda Breeding Centre is rebuild in it's new location which is still yet to be decided.