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Fu Wa



Name Fu Wa
Stud Number 639
Chinese Name
Sex Male
Date of Birth 2006-Aug-23
Date Died --
Mother Long Xin Long Xin Shou Long 龙欣 516 2000-Aug-18 Female WOLONG WOLONG Lei Lei - #374 Pan Pan - #308
Father Lu Lu Lu Lu An Di 芦芦 503 1999-- Male CCRCGP Bifengxia Lushan Zoological Garden
Date Location Comment
2006-08-23 WOLONG Birth
2008-05-18 Chengdu Zoological Garden Transfer
2008-05-24 Beijing Zoological Gardens Loan To
2009-03-22 CCRCGP Bifengxia Transfer
2010-01-11 TAIZHOU Transfer